Transflective LCD pixel close-ups

Apple 30GB iPod with Video

Nokia 6230i

Transflective TFT displays employ two complimentary display techniques to improve visibility across a wider range of ambient light conditions. That each pixel has separate transmissive and reflective areas can be seen in the close-up views of a single pixel at left.

iPod transmissive only

Nokia transmissive only

iPod reflective only

Nokia reflective only

Transflective = transmissive + reflective. Also known as transreflective.
Transmissive = light from the backlight passes once thru the pixels out to your eye. Notebook computers use transmissive displays.
Reflective = light from the environment is reflected at the back of the display and passes back thru the pixels out to your eye.

Transmissive only images taken with backlight on and in very low ambient light.
Reflective only images taken with the backlight off but with more ambient light.
iPod with Video uses a 2.5-inch 320 x 240 pixel transflective TFT display.
Nokia 6230i uses a 1.7-inch 208 x 208 pixel transflective TFT display.
Close up images of TFT LCD displays captured with a Canon PowerShot SD200 thru a 30X microscope.